About Brimble Studio

A bit about me

Hello, I'm Jo Brimble! I live in Bristol with my husband and 2 young daughters. I create all the silly, wonderful, characterful pieces you will see on here from my Shed of dreams (my studio) which we built in our garden in early 2021. Random facts about me include I lived in a Jazz pub for a bit, my husband is a brewer but I don't drink, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for a few years a child and I'm a big Hocus Pocus fan.

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The story of Brimble Studio

After years working with UK fashion brands in a number of roles I ended up being a trend analyst giving creative direction for 7 years. When I was suddenly made redundant I found myself wondering what to do next.

My degree was in Illustration and I'd enjoyed pottery in my spare time. I took the leap and decided to start my own business utilising everything I'd learned about business, design and ceramics.

At this point in the story I should add this decision was made in January 2020...

As we know the pandemic followed and stuck at home listening to depressing news everyday I really needed some escapism and this fuelled my work.

So I started creating ceramic everyday pieces with funny characters which made me smile.

As long as I can rememeber I've always drawn faces and loved creating short stories. So to bring these two things together felt very natural to me.

As I shared these on my Instagram they seemed to resonate with others and make people smile too. And so Brimble Studio began.


I use a mix of techniques including painting slips, sgraffito, glaze application, sculptural elements on hand-built structures to create my charcaters. I really love handbuilding because it gives you the freedom to explore any shape. Each piece is painstakingly handpainted and hand made so every one is completely unique.