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Marigold handmade ceramic large vase red flowers

Marigold handmade ceramic large vase red flowers

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Marigold lives in the Cornwall. Her house overlooks the sea in the little harbour of Mousehole. Everyday she walks her dog, Burt the St Bernard, who's bigger than her couch and takes up most of her bed at night. But she doesn't care, he's everything to her. 

 I wanted to create a beautiful larger vase that could be a gorgeous statement piece but also could accommodate a decent amount of flowers. Due to the shape of this vase it creates a gorgeous floral fan which is so stunning.

Hand built before being carefully hand painted. After the initial firing I then use 3 beautiful glazes to complete and fire one more time. As each is handmade, everyone is completely unique to you! 

Measuring approximately:

24 cm tall

20 cm wide

8 cm deep

All my ceramics come packaged in either recycled or biodegradable packaging.

Care Instructions

To retain the quality of your piece and ensure longevity, hand-washing is recommended, however, the products are dishwasher safe. Avoid moving items between extreme hot or cold environments such as an oven or freezer, as this could cause thermal shock and result in fragility and cracking and/or breakage.

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