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Fred the Fisherman decorative wall hanger

Fred the Fisherman decorative wall hanger

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Fred, an ode to fishermen. Freds heart is at sea, whatever the weather. It calls to him like a cruel mistress when the weather is bad and a seductive siren when the weather is fair. It's all he knows and all he cares to know. Fred's heart belongs to the sea.

Seconds sale reason: this is an old design I'm not moving forward with. This won't affect the functionality of this product

A decorative wall frame with 3d shells round the outside.

I wanted the main frame to be quite rugged like sea rocks and sand so kept it bare. The shells round the outside were moulded with 2 hand carved lino moulds and painted with a beautiful white glaze. Inside I've hand painted Fred, the sky around him and used scrafito to add some seagull details.

Hand built and painted using white stoneware clay and slip colours before glazing and firing. 

Measurements approximately:

9.5cm wide, 3cm deep, 12.5cm height

All my ceramics come packaged in either recycled or biodegradable packaging.

Care Instructions

To retain the quality of your piece and ensure longevity, hand-washing is recommended, however, the products are dishwasher safe. Avoid moving items between extreme hot or cold environments such as an oven or freezer, as this could cause thermal shock and result in fragility and cracking and/or breakage.

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